Waterless Car Wash Service Packages

Leave the car cleaning with us and let us save you a good 2 - 3 hours of your day. Spend your precious free time to relax by yourself , enjoy with your loved ones, or have fun with your friends. Benefit from the convenience where our detailing experts come directly to your work or home. Choose from the following waterless car wash services.

1. Exterior Waterless Car Wash, 2. Deep Waterless Car Wash

1. Exterior Waterless Car wash & Polish (+ Our money back guarantee)

A service designed for cleaning the exterior of your car. Special attention is paid to every area of your vehicle's exterior

  • Our famous Waterless Car Wash
  • Polish exterior making your car shine  
  • Seal in Polish for a lasting shine 
  • Unique PolyGuard-3® Paint protection coating (UV protection, repel dust)
  • Polish & protection on Windows, lights, mirrors and windscreen wipers

2. Interior & Exterior Waterless Car Wash & Polish
Deep waterless car wash offers a combination of exterior and interior clean that will leave your car looking stunning. As well as the waterless exterior car wash and polish, it offers additional interior services.

  • Carpets, seats, trunk and mats are vacuumed
  • Inside is deodorized
  • Clean and polish interior windows
  • Dash board and center consoles are polished
  • Wipe down side door and door Jambs


Rims & Tyres Treatment & Protection
Brake dust and road grime will be eliminated from youre rims and tyres leaving an immaculate finish & protection for your entire car.

Upholstery treatment (carpet & fabric) and protection
This treatment absorbs and neutralizes any nasty odors (including Smoke), as well as revitalizing the appearance of your car’s fabric through a deep clean and protection. Stains trapped in the fabric will be removed and a upholstery protection will be added for future to help repel stains.

Leather & Vinyl Treatment and Protection
Our treatment will deep clean and condition your car’s leather and Vinyl with an added protection against harmful Ultraviolet rays while creating an anti-static barrier to help resist dust and dirt.

Metal Treatment & Protection
Any metal equipment such as gold trim, bull bar, exhaust pipe, semi trailers, mag wheels etc will be restored to a sparkling shine. We also provide a protective coat to resist water spots, finger prints, corrosion and environmental effects.

Supreme Protection detailing Service
A special paint restorer is applied to remove fine scratches, blemishes, oxidation. Special buffering is done to condition, polish and protect your car from the harmful UV rays, dry dirt and wind. We will reverse the damaging effects created by environmental conditions and bring back the shine in your car. Any metal accessories such as gold trim, bull bar, exhaust pipe, semi trailers, mag wheels etc will be restored and protected. Once we have restored the shine from your paint, 2 coats of special polish and protection will be applied to seal in the gloss for an immaculate finish.

Booking a Waterless Car Wash

Booking for a waterless car wash is easy. Simply call us on Sydney 0295348143 to speak to our friendly and helpful customer service operators and giving us details of:

  • the time and date you want us to come,
  • your location (work address, home address....etc),
  • the type of car you have,
  • the type of service you want
  • and your method of payment (credit card, cash, cheque, Electronic transfer)

Or simply complete the waterless car wash online form.

At the arranged time and date, a team of car detailing experts will come directly to your workplace or home to thorougly clean and polish your car. When we arrive, you simply show us where your car is located, and we will work on it straight away while you continue with your own activities. After we finish making your car shine we will notify you. Simple and easy!

Waterless Car Wash Services

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Waterless Car Wash
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